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Barb Cappy has been a collector and dealer in antiques and collectibles for over 50 years. Specializing in glass of all types she draws on her vast knowledge from collecting and dealing to assist you in anything glass. Barb and Craig work as a team in restoring all types of vintage and antique furniture. From old reed pump organs, to gramma's rocking chair it can be made as good as old. Craig Lambert started collecting at age 6 with his Mom in Stillwater Minnesota... for over 60 years he has collected, restored, and sold just about anything antique or vintage. Furniture of any period, metal work from fine silver, to rusty cast iron. Craig completed his certified appraisers education from Ashford Instuite of Antiques (A.I.A.) in 2019 to assist their many friends and fellow dealers identify and value their findings. They expanded this into offer their knowledge and experience to the general public in in and around Bloomington, Indiana. 

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