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About Us

In a small little workshop near the shores of Monroe Reservoir 10 miles south of Bloomington, Indiana some of the nicest Bourbon Barrel products you can fine are crafted by Barb and Craig... Both Barb and Craig have been craftsman for years working in a variety of materials... Textiles, wood, stone, metal, and just about anything that you can think of... 

At the beginning of the Covid 19 mess their shop in Westbury Antiques Market had to close so they went of a picking trip down into Kentucky... Of Course... they found Bourbon Barrels and pieces parts of old used and broken barrels... they smelled great, looked marvelously dirty, had great shape and caricature, and presented a whole new opportunity for Barb and Craig to use their skills... they loaded Yertle, their Mini Cooper Clubman and drove the hundred some miles home... The beginning of their Bourbon Barrel Adventure...

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